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Hi. I’ve spent the last fifteen years working with  storytelling. Many of those were wearing one hat or another in the film business sassily doing continuity for Muppets, editing video art and documentaries and founding a video collective.

These days, I like to record the voices and faces of people who are seldom heard and share them. Authentic stories are powerful instruments that go straight to the heart, make people real instead of statistics and allow us to walk in each other’s shoes. 

Real stories are beneficial to those who speak as well as those who listen. My work has addressed subjects such as disease, incarceration and international adoption. 

Here are a couple of things people have said about what I do.

   “I have really enjoyed my experience working

with Jamie and I believe in her ability to create work that not only inspires and communicates, but heals.”

      - Squirrels Stories participant Michael


                   Just like Jamie, I myself have worked in tv and radio for most of my career and I met Jamie while developing my own audio documentary project Docusound; I loved her Squirrel Stories so much that I asked here to share on my site those deeply moving and sincere stories about individuals living with cancer.

If you are looking tell your own or your company’s story, I would recommend Jamie to assist you as her storytelling skills are unique, from a professional and personal point of view.” 

- Docusound Executive Editor

Fabrizia Galvagno


   Jamie's experience and knowledge of editing, pacing, and methods of developing story have been very invaluable to me, as has her willingness to give honest, clear and concrete feedback on my own works in progress. . . She's also provided very helpful technical and aesthetic feedback on drafts and samples that I've shown her.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as a guide or collaborator, and look forward to continuing to benefit from her expertise and insights.”

- Non-Profit Program Development and Management Consultant Joyce Klemperer

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