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Hi. I like projects.

Squirrels Stories

Squirrels is the hardest word in the English language to say. Squirrels Stories is the place for things that are difficult to talk about. 

The first Squirrels Stories are audio portraits of people living with cancer. Please warm your ears. This project was designed to make the world a less lonely place.  

I like to shoot super 8 film and play around with found footage. Do you have any old super 8 you need to get rid of? These are two videos that I put together a while ago for a video collective.  

You know, I have been known to edit film and video as well. Would you like to see some examples? Do you need story help? I can help.Editing.htmlmailto:jamiecourville@gmail.com?subject=http://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1
I also have an ongoing postcard project.  Send me your address to play along. mailto:jamiecourville@gmail.com?subject=http://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_9_link_0

ListenBeHeard is an interactive audio project.

I like to hear what people have to say and what makes them unique. You do too. Visit the site to hear an archive of people calling in to a phone line, anonymously or not, speaking to a specific theme.

The blog is now open to any topic that any body would like to discuss.

Gowanus Current

Gowanus Current is an in progress documentary project following the rapid changes happening to one Brooklyn neighborhood as told through the stories of the people who live and work there there.  

Please sign up for the mailing list here, and follow along with Gowanus news and current events on the Facebook Page.https://www.facebook.com/GowanusCurrenthttp://jamiecourville.us3.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=306bd6b54f54fb8e6e90227c6&id=a2cfa8012ahttps://www.facebook.com/GowanusCurrenthttp://www.squirrelsstories.com/shapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1shapeimage_10_link_2
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