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Brandon and His Meds

After living with HIV for many years, Brandon recently had to start taking medication. He has advice for those who are in the same boat.

Sadly, Brandon died on November 9, 2012. 

audio portraits.

I want to thank everyone who has let me into their homes and lives and shared their stories.

I am a big believer in the power of the voice to open eyes and minds. I know that everyone has something to say. We just need to take a moment to listen.

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Squirrels Stories - The Caretaker

Learan is a widower who lost his wife to breast cancer a year ago. Now he is a single parent to two boys. This is part of a larger group of audio portraits called Squirrels Stories of people talking about living with cancer. You can hear more stories at www.SquirrelsStories.com.

Squirrels Stories - Debbie’s Mother

Debbie's mother has advanced Alzheimer's Disease. When she visits her mother, she hopes for a good day.

Sadly, Debbie’s mother has passed away since this portrait was made. You can hear more stories at www.SquirrelsStories.com.

Corn Mo, Rock Accordian Player

Meet Corn Mo. He has had an amazing career as a rock accordion player but continues to fly under the radar.

Heidi the Adoptee

Heidi was adopted from Iran when she was three years old and raised by a white family in Virginia.

Jon’s Accident

After a horrible motorcycle accident Jon learns to walk again, but struggles with the impact on the life of his passenger. 

The Freelancer Crazies

Freelancing has its benefits, but what happens when the phone doesn’t ring? These are a handful of interviews with New York City freelancers talking about anxieties of the downside.

Squirrels Stories - Her Result

Melanie is a prolific textile designer and craftbook author who choose not to reconstruct her body after a breast cancer diagnosis. She has been quite vocal about the need for our perceptions to change around those living breastless.

This piece was a finalist in two categories in the 2015 HearSay International Audio Festival.